Cleaning with Care

Goldcrest Cleaning Limited have been providing commercial cleaning throughout Warwick, Leamington, Southam, Stratford, Coventry, Rugby and Birmingham and the surrounding areas for over 21 years. 
Call us 01926 497010 to speak about your cleaning requirements.


What is the Goldcrest Experience?

Goldcrest Cleaning is built on solid foundations having a caring ethic and a devotion to the welfare of all its employees.

Whether you need regular cleaning 5 days per week or once a week, our friendly and professional staff are fully equipped to undertake all types of commercial cleaning.

At Goldcrest Cleaning every contract we have, no matter of the size is of equal importance to us.  We make a point of understanding your business, understanding what makes you unique, so we can tailor our cleaning service with care.

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Unusual Cleaning Tips

Window Squeegee - the rubberised blade is the ideal tool for gathering up unwanted pet hair from carpet and sofas. Lemon - banish limescale from your kettle by simply popping in half a lemon with...

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